Restaurant Business Plans

A professionally prepared business plan will provide the confidence and data for investors and/or lenders to fund your venture. A proper plan will allow investors or lenders to understand the financial aspects of your business, and to gain confidence that the business economics and financial fundamentals are sound. Our professionally formatted restaurant business plans are designed to allow investors to read the entire plan or to visit certain aspects of the plan during discussions and negotiations.

Creating a Proper Plan

A proper restaurant business plan should provide lenders and investors a detailed analysis of
• A description of the new restaurant;
• An analysis of the restaurant/food industry as it relates to the proposed concept and/or location;
• Restaurant operations, including the menu, a staff plan (the number of people working in the dining room and the number of people working in the kitchen);
• The target market, including age of the average patron and the income of the average patron;
• Geographic characteristics of the restaurant, including demographics of the location and the competition within a certain radius;
• A marketing plan and sales strategy, including methods of advertising such as direct mail and social media;
• The operating plan of the restaurant;
• Long-term development and an exit plan, including the restaurant’s expectations of increased revenue and additional locations;
• Additional financial information, including how the restaurant plans to increase revenue and penetrate the market