What We Do

Apex Restaurant Group’s business model is absolutely unique within the hospitality industry. Our core focus is on chain restaurant improvement and on the management, rejuvenation and re-engineering of multi-unit restaurant concepts, whether stable or under-performing. Our core competency is centered around a number of critical functional areas:

Revenue Improvement

Financial Reorganization

Crisis Management

Reduction of Inflated Overhead and Administrative Costs

Organizational Re-structure

Comprehensive Margin Rejuvenation

Consumer Repositioning

Maximization of Unit EBITDA by reducing “corporate burden”

New Concept Development

Strategic Planning

Buy-Side Representation

M & A Due Diligence

Apex has offices in Dallas, Denver, San Diego, and Paris. We’re experienced in fine- tuning and adapting food service organizations to a variety of international markets and cultures. Our proven team of seasoned professionals effectively assesses each unique situation, identifies and formulates strategic opportunities and executes a detailed tactical plan through supervision and hands-on implementation. Our team is based “on the ground” where the restaurants are; not out of touch in a remote office. We match the skill sets of our senior staff with the unique challenges of each foodservice opportunity.